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CYBER ATTACKS (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server - Hera

  • 07/02/2020 09:00 - 19/02/2020 15:18
  • Last Updated 07/02/2020 19:03

Heavy cyber attacks from Russia, China, and Europe are affecting numerous accounts on HERA.OURONLINE.COMPANY

Our Cyber Security Team is responding to this issue, and continues to ensure security of the server. 

Some users may find their email locked out due to automatic security protocols.  Please contact support to have your email unlocked.

Thank you for your patience while we ensure your privacy, and security!

Website and Database Connection Issues (Resolved) Critical
  • 28/06/2017 08:00 - 28/06/2017 08:25
  • Last Updated 28/06/2017 07:28

An outage at one of our datacentres caused a network DNS issue that flagged some websites and email servers as unavailable.  Effected servers have been rebooted and traffic has been detoured around them while maintenance is performed.  All websites and email are currently working properly. ~Ian

Websites/Email Unavailable (Resolved) Critical
  • 24/02/2017 09:23 - 24/02/2017 09:26
  • Last Updated 24/02/2017 08:34

OurOnline.Company's "Zeus" server experienced a 114 second outage due to a "graceful" server reboot made necessary by a security kernel update.  No information was lost and all "Zeus" server programs are reporting normal.

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