Secure Optimized Drupal

Currently, tens of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power their websites, from community web portals to e-commerce applications to social networking, corporate, discussion and personal websites.

Experienced users can, within minutes of installing Drupal, have a feature-rich, database-driven website with little knowledge of programming. By adding contributed modules Drupal has even more features and extends your website further. If you're familiar with developing you will enjoy the sophisticated programming interface. There’s a lot to explore! Users who need something beyond what comes with the basic installation and the multitude of contributed modules will need to be familiar with PHP and databases (MySQL), or be willing to learn about them. There’s plenty of information online to help along the way.

Secure your Drupal installation using the secure certificates included with your OurOnline.Company web hosting package.


STEP 1 - QuickInstall

To begin, login to your OurOnline.Company hosting account's cPanel dashboard using the login name and password that were sent to you when you signed up.  Scroll down to the Software Section, and click the QuickInstall icon.

step 1 - click quickinstall icon


STEP 2 - Drupal Installer

In QuickInstall you will see easy installations for our most popular web applications, including Drupal. Click on Drupal to launch the Drupal installer.

our online company drupal installation



Fill in the requested information and click the Install button.  Be sure to use https:// as the location, or change to secure settings after installation in your dashboard.


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